Los Angeles

Tour dates for Spring/Early Summer 2017

April 6th-10th: Portland, Oregon

May 5th-May 7th: Vancouver, BC

May 8-9th: Victoria, BC

May 9th-10th or 11th: I will be making a documentary zine with photos and stories as I travel down the coast from Victoria, BC back to Los Angeles, CA on the train. if you are along the way, feel free to message me if you're interested in shooting with me or having your portrait taken for my photo project- the portrait session will only take as long as a coffee and a conversation. All proceeds made from this zine will go to to support homeless LGBTQ youth. 

June 23rd-25th: Alvord Desert for the PMAPS Group getaways. this event is fully booked but you can check it out for future adventures on facebook: